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Welcome to Edusight's Support Centre!

On this page you will find a quick set of guides to get you started with Edusight. On the panel to the left are support articles and answers to frequently asked questions by our users.


Edusight is a gradebook and portfolio tool. It helps teachers document what their students are learning every day using grades, notes, photos, audio, and video.

To get you up and running smoothly, we have a few quick guides - Guide 1: Getting Started, Guide 2: The Classroom Timeline, Guide 3: Ontario KTCA Classrooms, and Guide 4: Standards Based Classrooms.

For all users, Guide 1 is the place to start. Guide 2 will introduce you to classroom note-taking in Edusight. If you are an Ontario teacher, you should review Guide 3 and if you are looking to use Edusight for Standards Based Learning, you should review Guide 4 as well.

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